About Valley Delta

Valley Delta is an independent and alternative news and information site, with a specific focus on offering residents of South Texas, a conservative and often times a libertarian counter point to local, state, national, and global affairs.

For far too long, the South Texas region, specifically the Rio Grande Valley, has had it’s local news, whether by print or television, control the narratives of high profile issues, and clearly use their dominance and monopoly of local media to push their agendas.  Examples include immigration, and support for open borders.  An other being the constant criticism of conservative and or Republican leaders that serve to challenge these damaging progressive issues.  Just take a look at weekly editorials and commentaries by our leading local newspapers to get an idea.

It is my belief that there is a significant under representation of conservative media in the Rio Grande Valley.  It is my belief that there is a demand for an opposing voice to counter the voices that have dominated the narratives in our region. It is my belief that citizens of South Texas are tired of self serving local politicians, and the “politiqueras” that work to keep these people in power, often through corruption, intimidation, or kick backs.

For these reasons above is why I created Valley Delta.


With only one contributor, Valley Delta is no doubt a small operation.  However, through time and support from the local community and beyond, it is our hopes that Valley Delta becomes a competing and preferred choice for local, state and national news and information.