NFL HELL: Thousands of Empty Seats Plague Redskins vs. Cowboys Kickoff (PHOTOS)

, The Gateway Pundit

Attendance issues continue to plague the NFL as the kneeling backlash rolls into week 13. Thursday night’s match up between the Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys Game in AT&T Stadium is no different. 

The game started off at 7:30 PM in Arlington and thousands of seats were still available well into the first quarter.

“To be fair, Thursday games are always a little tricky with crowds. While not as bad as they are on the West Coast (where the start time is 5:25), it’s certainly possible that a crowd for a mid week game with a 7:25 local start will be late arriving,” wrote Yardbarker’s Michael Dixon.

Dixon then conceded the empty seats are “certainly not a picture that anyone in the NFL wants to see.”

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SICK! YouTube Search Autocompletes “How To Have S*x With Your Kids”

by Joshua Caplan, The Gateway Pundit

Screenshots showing YouTube autocomplete the search “How to have s*x with your kids,” has been making the rounds on 4chan and Reddit. Independent journalist Mike Cernovich tweeted a screenshot of the autocorrect Sunday, asking YouTube for a comment.

BuzzFeed reporter Charlie Warzel tried the search himself and found that indeed the search is genuine. 

“Hi @TeamYouTube: Why does “How to have…” auto fill into pedophile content? Multiple people reported this to me,” asked Cernovich.

“Seeing this sceenshot float around so I just did it myself in incognito mode. This i a VERY troubling YouTube search autocomplete, no?,” tweeted BuzzFeed reporter Charlie Warzel.

The search does not yield any videos instructing parents on how to have sex with their kids.

“should note that if you click any of those you do not get any pedophile vids (that i could see but still…what’s going on?,” added Warzel.

The BuzzFeed reporter has reached out to YouTube for comment.

Others tweeted screenshots showing the same autocompleted search.

Later on, Warzel suggested the autocomplete search could be a “trolling campaign.”

“YouTube has yet to respond but important to note that it could (maybe?) also be the work of a coordinated trolling campaign to make YouTube look even worse after a week of being linked to child exploitation content.”

The Gateway Pundit will update its story with YouTube’s response.

The post SICK! YouTube Search Autocompletes “How To Have S*x With Your Kids” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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Local film challenging man-made climate change causes local snowflakes to melt

McAllen – A locally produced film challenging man-made climate change is scheduled to be screened today at McAllen’s Cinemark Hollywood USA theater. The film titled “The Hoax: A Documentary on the Man-Made Myth on Global Warming” was developed by Dr. Lawrence Gelman, a local anesthesiologist and former administrator of Doctors Hospital at Renaissance.  Though the plot of the film is quite clear, the points addressed are expected to be based on Gelman’s conclusions on man-made C02 emissions, and the effects or lack thereof it has on climate change.

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TIRZ: 100 Percent for 40 years

Guest Columnist: Fern McClaugherty & Richard Montesdeoca

Hidalgo County has approved an economic incentive plan that would return all property tax for forty years. The plan is referred to as a TIRZ (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone) and is typically used by local governments to encourage a business to locate in a community. Its intent is to assist in reducing the start-up costs experienced by a new business especially if it will be located in a deteriorated area. This plan also requires the city in which the new business is located to continue providing public services such as police and fire protection for the entire period that it is not paying taxes. It will include the Bert Ogden Sports Arena financed by the City of Edinburg. The financing of this facility is for 30 million and for thirty years. Based on the interest rate of 4.5%, the total cost of the facility will be 65 million dollars. The sports arena is already under construction. Continue reading “TIRZ: 100 Percent for 40 years”

LUPE Host Film Screening.  Spams Pro Health Tax Ads!

McAllen, TX –  LUPE, a local illegal immigration advocacy group, hosted a free screening of “America Divided.”  The film, an EPIX original picture, which chronicles inequality in the United States from the perspective of wealthy and privileged celebrities, was screened at Historic Cine El Rey on Tuesday.   Never to let a good opportunity to stump go to waste, LUPE previewed not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 times an ad for supporting Proposition 1 and all before the feature film began. Continue reading “LUPE Host Film Screening.  Spams Pro Health Tax Ads!”

Review: Captain America: Civil War! Deeper than you would expect.


Rhodes [Iron Patriot]

“Sorry, Steve, That. That is dangerously arrogant. This is The United Nations we’re talking about. It’s not The World Security Council. It’s not SHIELD. It’s not HYDRA.”

Steve Rogers [Captain America]

“I know. But it runs by people with agendas and agendas change.”

[internal debate regarding their powers, and if they should be sanctioned by the government to use them]

Of all the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” films, I find the films focusing on Captain America the most enjoyable.  This is primarily due to the deeper subtext and political commentary cleverly hidden underneath a high action super-hero movie.    Continue reading “Review: Captain America: Civil War! Deeper than you would expect.”

Mayor Jim Darling, Show Us the Money!

It’s been about 5 months since McAllen’s second annual Holiday Parade, and the City of McAllen undoubtedly wanted to do things bigger and better than the inaugural year.  For the most part, the Holiday Parade and Christmas in the Park were a success in the hearts and minds of the local community, and no doubt help usher in the 2015 Holiday Season.  However, based on a simple itemized financial statement released by the city, the event all together was a financial disappointment, and netted the city, or more importantly, the tax payers, a $765,000 loss.  Despite the loss, an economic impact study was conducted on the event, and it was revealed that approximately 9.2 million was earned through local consumption associated with the parade.  With these returns, officials within city administration deemed the event an overall success. Though these same officials had an answer for the meager returns on the event, and promised better returns in subsequent years with better promotion to cut cost and increase revenues. There is one specific expense the city, especially Jim Darling refuses to reveal.  And that is the amount the City of McAllen paid Latin-pop superstar, Enrique Iglesias… Continue reading “Mayor Jim Darling, Show Us the Money!”