State Agency Accused of Monitoring Coverup at Hidalgo County Agency

Edinburg – Last December, an anonymous email circulated through the network of the Texas Association of Community Action Agenices (TACAA) informing representatives of the Association of an alleged cover up involving The Texas Department of Community Affairs (TDHCA), and its involvement with the 2015 administrative transition of County of Hidalgo Community Service Agency (CSA), which primarily administers special need assistance to low-income and elderly citizens in Hidalgo County.

The letter, written below in its entirety, accuses TDHCA, which dispatched 3 representatives to assist in the new administrative transition, of erroneously guiding management of Community Service Agency to offer less assistance to clients than what they were really eligible to be awarded, in addition, the letter compells the Association to launch an investigation into the Monitoring Report that initially included the reduced assistance as a monitoring “finding”, but was subsequently scrubbed from the final Monitoring Report by high level TDHCA Administrators. Continue reading “State Agency Accused of Monitoring Coverup at Hidalgo County Agency”