Busted? The Monitor accused of providing Q&A questions to Jim Darling in advance.

McAllen – The Monitor was accused today of assisting incumbent Mayor Jim Darling by providing questions in advance during a MonitiorLive Q & A Session.

Below is the closing moments of Jim Darlings Q & A Session with The Monitor Staff Writer, Mitchell Ferman.  Ferman has covered much of the McAllen Mayoral race since all three candidates announced their intentions to run.

Video provided by Scott Casey of anonymousrgv.com

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“Tolerant” Leftist Leave Vulgar Anti-Trump Message at UTRGV.

Edinburg – Today, a representative of UTRGV’s Young Republican posted on the groups Facebook page an image taken that displayed a vulgar anti- Trump message on one of the brick columns along the covered walkway.

The Young Republicans condemned the message, and called upon the two Democratic Organizations of UTRGV, The Young Democrats, and Progressive Young Democrat respectively, to join in on the condemnation.  The two Democratic organizations have yet to release a statement. Continue reading ““Tolerant” Leftist Leave Vulgar Anti-Trump Message at UTRGV.”

Hidalgo Co Democratic Party Appoints Convicted Felon

Charges include: Assault and Aggravated Kidnapping!

On September 14, the Hidalgo County Democratic Party appointed local activist, Miguel Angel Garza to a chair position.

On the surface, it would appear that Mr. Garza is your average Democratic operative.  Using his influence, skills, and networking capabilities, Miguel Angel Garza seeks to ensure local Democrats maintain or obtain elected office.

What the public is unaware of is that Mr. Garza has a very troubled past, carrying with him a list of criminal offenses that would even impress Hillary Rodham Clinton.   Continue reading “Hidalgo Co Democratic Party Appoints Convicted Felon”

Health Care District Back on Ballot. And Why This Time It May Pass

Tuesday, August 9th, the honorable, incorruptible, and always ethical elected officials of the Hidalgo County Commissioners Court overwhelmingly approved via a 4-1 vote, to allow the Proposition of a Health Care Taxing District to be on the General Election, November 8th ballot. Of the 5 deciding officials, only Eddie Cantu of Pct 2 was the dissenting vote.  Cantu’s primary reason behind his objection had to do with language on the petition, which were presented to the court by Juanita Valdez-Cox, Director of La Union de Pueblo Entero (LUPE), an illegal immigration advocacy group, and Father Jerry Frank, of Valley Interfaith.  The petition called for an 8 cent property tax for every $100 valuation.  According to Cantu, the setting for Health Care tax rate should be reserved exclusively for the Commissioner Court appointed “Board of Directors” and the tax rate ultimately approved by Hidalgo County Commissioners. According to Senate Bill 626, the ballot must specify a proposed tax rate. However, SB 626 also allows the Court appointed Board of Directors to set a tax rate, and to be approved by the Commissioners Court.  Essentially, the rate you see at the ballot box may not ultimately be the rate Hidalgo County tax payers will have. That rate will be decided behind closed doors.  As for why the proposed 8 cents, it’s likely that it was carried over from the first attempt at establishing a medical taxing district, which was narrowly defeated in November 2014.  However, unlike 2014, the 2016 version may have a better chance at passing, and it all comes down to the numbers…. Continue reading “Health Care District Back on Ballot. And Why This Time It May Pass”