SAD! Fr. Frank Pockets the Silver for Health Care District.

Father Jerry Frank lashed out at the opposition yesterday by calling on local media to help spread the word that only parishioners were allowed to attend Health Care Workshops. Unfortunately for Fr. Frank, my media outlet, though small, will not spread the word which calls for a controlled and agenda driven discussion in favor of more taxes. Continue reading “SAD! Fr. Frank Pockets the Silver for Health Care District.”

Father Jerry Frank’s Silencing of Tax Opponents Is Not Catholic Teaching.

Since the final weekend of August, participating Catholic parishes throughout Hidalgo County began offering “informational” workshops with the sole purpose of pushing a County Health Care Taxing District, and influencing those that participate to vote for said District.  The information workshops are being spear-headed by Father Gerald (Jerry) Frank, a Pastor of St. John the Baptist, and one of the leading proponents of the Taxing District, who also presented the signed petition to County Commissioners.

Opponents of the Taxing District, concerned that a religious institution is taking sides on a political issue, decided it was in the best interest of the electorate to provide an opposing view, and let the voters decide. Continue reading “Father Jerry Frank’s Silencing of Tax Opponents Is Not Catholic Teaching.”

Desperation! Facebook Page in Support of Health-Tax Takes Aim at Local Veteran.

False allegations prove Pro-Taxers are losing information war.

 Today, a Facebook Page that supports Proposition 1, titled “Stand With Hidalgo County” took issue with local conservative activist, George Rice, and his continuing campaign to inform citizens of Hidalgo County about the disastrous Health Tax District that local medical elites stand to impose on tax payers.

Rather than refute any points made by Mr. Rice, an administrator of the Facebook page chose instead to attack Mr. Rice personally.

First, implying that Rice has the potential to physically assault those with different opinions. Secondly, that there is already a police record on file for harassment.  FALSE! Continue reading “Desperation! Facebook Page in Support of Health-Tax Takes Aim at Local Veteran.”

No Surprises. The Monitor Moves the Goal Post for Healthcare District.

Once again, Naxiely Lopez of The Monitor has released an other column painting a positive spin for the creation of a Healthcare Taxing District in Hidalgo County.

Lopez takes aim at one of the counter arguments made by opponents of the Taxing District, which presents Hidalgo County as the most taxed county in the State of Texas. Continue reading “No Surprises. The Monitor Moves the Goal Post for Healthcare District.”

No Shame! Healthcare Tax Masterminds Meet in Edinburg

Edinburg – Today, 3 local Mayors and hosted a luncheon at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.  Topic of discussion was how the new School of Medicine would benefit the health care industry in Hidalgo County.  However it didn’t take long until true motivations were revealed, and that being how wonderful a Hidalgo County Healthcare Tax would be on tax paying citizens of Hidalgo County. Continue reading “No Shame! Healthcare Tax Masterminds Meet in Edinburg”

Health Care District Back on Ballot. And Why This Time It May Pass

Tuesday, August 9th, the honorable, incorruptible, and always ethical elected officials of the Hidalgo County Commissioners Court overwhelmingly approved via a 4-1 vote, to allow the Proposition of a Health Care Taxing District to be on the General Election, November 8th ballot. Of the 5 deciding officials, only Eddie Cantu of Pct 2 was the dissenting vote.  Cantu’s primary reason behind his objection had to do with language on the petition, which were presented to the court by Juanita Valdez-Cox, Director of La Union de Pueblo Entero (LUPE), an illegal immigration advocacy group, and Father Jerry Frank, of Valley Interfaith.  The petition called for an 8 cent property tax for every $100 valuation.  According to Cantu, the setting for Health Care tax rate should be reserved exclusively for the Commissioner Court appointed “Board of Directors” and the tax rate ultimately approved by Hidalgo County Commissioners. According to Senate Bill 626, the ballot must specify a proposed tax rate. However, SB 626 also allows the Court appointed Board of Directors to set a tax rate, and to be approved by the Commissioners Court.  Essentially, the rate you see at the ballot box may not ultimately be the rate Hidalgo County tax payers will have. That rate will be decided behind closed doors.  As for why the proposed 8 cents, it’s likely that it was carried over from the first attempt at establishing a medical taxing district, which was narrowly defeated in November 2014.  However, unlike 2014, the 2016 version may have a better chance at passing, and it all comes down to the numbers…. Continue reading “Health Care District Back on Ballot. And Why This Time It May Pass”

Mayor Jim Darling, Show Us the Money!

It’s been about 5 months since McAllen’s second annual Holiday Parade, and the City of McAllen undoubtedly wanted to do things bigger and better than the inaugural year.  For the most part, the Holiday Parade and Christmas in the Park were a success in the hearts and minds of the local community, and no doubt help usher in the 2015 Holiday Season.  However, based on a simple itemized financial statement released by the city, the event all together was a financial disappointment, and netted the city, or more importantly, the tax payers, a $765,000 loss.  Despite the loss, an economic impact study was conducted on the event, and it was revealed that approximately 9.2 million was earned through local consumption associated with the parade.  With these returns, officials within city administration deemed the event an overall success. Though these same officials had an answer for the meager returns on the event, and promised better returns in subsequent years with better promotion to cut cost and increase revenues. There is one specific expense the city, especially Jim Darling refuses to reveal.  And that is the amount the City of McAllen paid Latin-pop superstar, Enrique Iglesias… Continue reading “Mayor Jim Darling, Show Us the Money!”

Cesar Chavez Would NOT Support DACA and DAPA.

On April 18, hundreds of supporters gathered in front of the Federal Courthouse in McAllen, Texas in support of the Deferred Action for Parents or Americans (DAPA) and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  The event was organized by La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE), an illegal immigration advocacy group, which was founded by revered labor activist, Cesar Chavez in 1989.   His presence and influence was abundantly clear as many in the crowd had their t-shirts adorned by his image.  LUPE, who favors progressive immigration reform, made mention of Chavez connection to labor rights, and community empowerment.  However, what LUPE fails to disclose, either by way of ignorance, or intentionally revising Chavez legacy, was that Cesar Chavez was staunchly anti-illegal immigration… Continue reading “Cesar Chavez Would NOT Support DACA and DAPA.”

Living Wage Rage. Why $15/hr Solves Nothing.

More money.  For those with too much of it, the mainstream media, politicians, left leaning pundits, and union leaders have influenced massive amounts of Americans on who is to blame for their current economic status.  Essentially, the reason why many of us are poor is because there are few at the top holding all the wealth. This has been a prominent stump speech talking point bellowed by Senator Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Presidential Candidate in his continuing push for income equality.  Now I will say, I don’t in any way give any clemency to the major financial institutions who’s lending practices during the mortgage crisis helped cripple the middle class.  Or disastrous or unfair trade agreements that has allowed major manufacturing, which was once

Bernie Sanders has lead the charge for Federal 15/hr Increase.
Bernie Sanders has lead the charge for Federal 15/hr Increase.

the backbone of the American economy, to take their manufacturing overseas and across our borders.  Tax benefits and lower cost of wages have also contributed greatly to the manufacturing job exodus.   With a great majority of good paying jobs gone, those in the service industries, namely the fast food sector, have decided to make a stand and demand higher wages per hour, and that higher wage per hour has a sweet spot.  $15. Continue reading “Living Wage Rage. Why $15/hr Solves Nothing.”

Counter Commentary: Allow Common Sense Safety For All.

Today, The Monitor Editorial Board issued a commentary praising former Edinburg resident, Joaquin Carcano in his efforts to fight back against North Carolina Governor, Patrick McCrory, and his signing into law, the HB2 bill, which overrides individual city ordinances that allows transgender individuals access to any restroom, regardless of gender designation.

Joaquin Carcano
Governor Patrick McCrory (R) N.C.
Governor Patrick McCrory (R) N.C.

Opponents of HB2 have claimed the bill as “unconstitutional”, “most anti LGBT bill in the nation”, “wrong side of history”, and several inflammatory buzzwords meant to cause panic amongst progressives, and the far left. Continue reading “Counter Commentary: Allow Common Sense Safety For All.”