Living Wage Rage. Why $15/hr Solves Nothing.

More money.  For those with too much of it, the mainstream media, politicians, left leaning pundits, and union leaders have influenced massive amounts of Americans on who is to blame for their current economic status.  Essentially, the reason why many of us are poor is because there are few at the top holding all the wealth. This has been a prominent stump speech talking point bellowed by Senator Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Presidential Candidate in his continuing push for income equality.  Now I will say, I don’t in any way give any clemency to the major financial institutions who’s lending practices during the mortgage crisis helped cripple the middle class.  Or disastrous or unfair trade agreements that has allowed major manufacturing, which was once

Bernie Sanders has lead the charge for Federal 15/hr Increase.
Bernie Sanders has lead the charge for Federal 15/hr Increase.

the backbone of the American economy, to take their manufacturing overseas and across our borders.  Tax benefits and lower cost of wages have also contributed greatly to the manufacturing job exodus.   With a great majority of good paying jobs gone, those in the service industries, namely the fast food sector, have decided to make a stand and demand higher wages per hour, and that higher wage per hour has a sweet spot.  $15. Continue reading “Living Wage Rage. Why $15/hr Solves Nothing.”

RGC ISD Murders From An Other Angle


Very little information regarding motive have been released since the discovery of two Rio Grande City ISD employees, Wednesday morning, March 23. The victims, identified as Oneida Alanis Balderas Garza and Lourdes M. Elizondo(Luna) were found bound, and shot in the head “execution style”, this according from Law Enforcement officials, who arrived on scene shortly after 9:30 a.m. Continue reading “RGC ISD Murders From An Other Angle”

Counter Commentary: Allow Common Sense Safety For All.

Today, The Monitor Editorial Board issued a commentary praising former Edinburg resident, Joaquin Carcano in his efforts to fight back against North Carolina Governor, Patrick McCrory, and his signing into law, the HB2 bill, which overrides individual city ordinances that allows transgender individuals access to any restroom, regardless of gender designation.

Joaquin Carcano
Governor Patrick McCrory (R) N.C.
Governor Patrick McCrory (R) N.C.

Opponents of HB2 have claimed the bill as “unconstitutional”, “most anti LGBT bill in the nation”, “wrong side of history”, and several inflammatory buzzwords meant to cause panic amongst progressives, and the far left. Continue reading “Counter Commentary: Allow Common Sense Safety For All.”

SPI Disappearances and Deaths at UME Concert Raises Significant Safety Concerns and More Questions.

“Teen Reported Missing on SPI” read the headlines on Monday morning, and for many of us living here in the Rio Grande Valley, there was something quite familiar about this headline.  Almost as though we’ve seen it before.  A year ago to be exact.  In so much, that the circumstances from beginning and into tragic end was coincidentally and eerily similar in both disappearances. Continue reading “SPI Disappearances and Deaths at UME Concert Raises Significant Safety Concerns and More Questions.”