SICK! YouTube Search Autocompletes “How To Have S*x With Your Kids”

by Joshua Caplan, The Gateway Pundit

Screenshots showing YouTube autocomplete the search “How to have s*x with your kids,” has been making the rounds on 4chan and Reddit. Independent journalist Mike Cernovich tweeted a screenshot of the autocorrect Sunday, asking YouTube for a comment.

BuzzFeed reporter Charlie Warzel tried the search himself and found that indeed the search is genuine. 

“Hi @TeamYouTube: Why does “How to have…” auto fill into pedophile content? Multiple people reported this to me,” asked Cernovich.

“Seeing this sceenshot float around so I just did it myself in incognito mode. This i a VERY troubling YouTube search autocomplete, no?,” tweeted BuzzFeed reporter Charlie Warzel.

The search does not yield any videos instructing parents on how to have sex with their kids.

“should note that if you click any of those you do not get any pedophile vids (that i could see but still…what’s going on?,” added Warzel.

The BuzzFeed reporter has reached out to YouTube for comment.

Others tweeted screenshots showing the same autocompleted search.

Later on, Warzel suggested the autocomplete search could be a “trolling campaign.”

“YouTube has yet to respond but important to note that it could (maybe?) also be the work of a coordinated trolling campaign to make YouTube look even worse after a week of being linked to child exploitation content.”

The Gateway Pundit will update its story with YouTube’s response.

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