LUPE Offers No Solutions on Illegal Immigration

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, LUPE, a local community organization that advocates for illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley, has been busy.  In fact, to say LUPE has just been “busy” would be a vast understatement.  With a Republican controlled congress, Trumps campaign promises of a “Great Border Wall”, and illegal immigration crackdown transcends primary populist rhetoric to the new realities of the Trump America. Meanwhile, LUPE views Trumps immigration stance as oppressive and inherently racist, singling out particularly the Hispanic community.

As Trumps policies began to be enacted through Executive Orders, LUPE responded by forming a resistance movement. With this, they developed a website filled with information on combating any and all forms of enforcement of our illegal immigration laws.  Despite Donald Trump losing by 3 million in the popular vote, primarily from the state of California, Mr. Trump won the plurality of states and counties throughout the United States, including regions that have traditionally gone Democratic. With immigration being one of Mr. Trump’s biggest campaign selling point, there’s little doubt that the majority of Americans finally want to see a solution to the immigration issue.  All while President Trump begins to offer some solutions, LUPE has remained quiet on what actually should be done about illegal immigration. Continue reading “LUPE Offers No Solutions on Illegal Immigration”

SAD! Fr. Frank Pockets the Silver for Health Care District.

Father Jerry Frank lashed out at the opposition yesterday by calling on local media to help spread the word that only parishioners were allowed to attend Health Care Workshops. Unfortunately for Fr. Frank, my media outlet, though small, will not spread the word which calls for a controlled and agenda driven discussion in favor of more taxes. Continue reading “SAD! Fr. Frank Pockets the Silver for Health Care District.”

Father Jerry Frank’s Silencing of Tax Opponents Is Not Catholic Teaching.

Since the final weekend of August, participating Catholic parishes throughout Hidalgo County began offering “informational” workshops with the sole purpose of pushing a County Health Care Taxing District, and influencing those that participate to vote for said District.  The information workshops are being spear-headed by Father Gerald (Jerry) Frank, a Pastor of St. John the Baptist, and one of the leading proponents of the Taxing District, who also presented the signed petition to County Commissioners.

Opponents of the Taxing District, concerned that a religious institution is taking sides on a political issue, decided it was in the best interest of the electorate to provide an opposing view, and let the voters decide. Continue reading “Father Jerry Frank’s Silencing of Tax Opponents Is Not Catholic Teaching.”