Governor Abbott signs ban on “sanctuary cities” local pro illegal immigration groups react

The bill, signed on Facebook Live, served as crushing blow to local pro-illegal immigration groups, who were quick to condemn the signing.

Austin – Governor Greg Abbot (R) signed into law, SB 4, an anti-sanctuary cities bill that would outlaw municipalities and county governments from creating legislation that would serve to protect and harbor illegal immigrants.  Abbots signed the bill after clearing both chambers of the Texas Legislature four days ago, and opted to mark the occasion by signing the bill on Facebook Live, rather than a traditional signing surrounded by the press. The law is scheduled to take effect September 1, 2017.

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May Day: Local organizations plan “Day without an Immigrant” protest

In addition to illegal immigrants, members of all alleged suppressed minority groups are encouraged to skip work tomorrow to protest immigration and labor laws.

Local – Local pro-illegal immigration advocacy groups, particularly La Union de Pueblo Entero (LUPE), are calling on the local community to join with them in skipping work to protest with a “Day Without an Immigrant.”  May Day, as the protest is commonly referred to has its origins as far back as late 1800’s, in which workers protested and striked for proper wages, labor hours, and working conditions.

In 2006, the May Day protested shifted to focus primarily on illegal immigration issues, particularly for total amnesty for the nations 11 million illegal immigrants.  Open border supporters believe protest is needed more so now that immigration authorities are now been empowered to enforce United States immigration laws and especially since the State of Texas has cleared a path for SB 4, which would outlaw sanctuary cities.  Continue reading “May Day: Local organizations plan “Day without an Immigrant” protest”

Hidalgo Co Officials Received Political Contributions from FBI Raided Engineering Firm

Contributions amounted to over $25,000 with Hidalgo Co Judge Ramon Garcia, and Commissioner Joseph Palacios as primary benefactors.

Edinburg – Yesterday, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FB) raided the McAllen office of a Houston based engineering firm. Around noon, agents stormed the Dannenbaum Engineering office, located on 1109 W. Nolan Ave.  Agents were seen retrieving dozens of retention boxes from the building and loading them up in FBI vehicles. Information as to what specifically they were looking for was limited.  Dannenbaum Engineering was involved with some high profile projects in Hidalgo County, specifically with the planning of the border-wall levee project in Granjeno, and were front-runners to secure the construction job for the proposed new courthouse in Edinburg.  Since 2009, representatives of Dannenbaum Engineering have contributed approximately $25,000 to Hidalgo County officials, with Hidalgo Co Judge Ramon Garcia, and Commissioner Joseph Palacios as primary benefactors.

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McAllen Engineering firm raided by FBI is leading contender for proposed Courthouse project.

McAllen – The local offices of Dannenbaum Engineering Corporation was raided by the FBI today, however the FBI is remaining silent as to what they’re looking for.  The office, located on 1109 Nolana Loop was one of several offices raided by the FBI throughout the state.  When pressed by CBS 4 News, FBI Spokesperson, Michelle Lee released this statement:

Per your request, I can confirm the FBI is lawfully present at the location you referenced (Nolana Loop in McAllen) conducting a law enforcement activity. While we can’t discuss the nature of the work we are doing, there is no public safety threat.

No arrests have been made. I can’t comment any further since it remains an ongoing matter.

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McAllen Mayor Jim Darling did support Hospital District. *Video*

McAllen – Jim Darling told The Monitor’s, Mitchell Furman that he never supported the creation of a Healthcare(Hospital) District. This in effort to distance himself from what is generally perceived to be a toxic position due to the overwhelming defeat of the health care proposition last November.

Furman did not fact check Mayor Darlings statements, and a simple Google check would confirm that Mayor Darling did indeed support the creation of a Health Care District, going as far as testifying in it’s favor during a Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations.

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SPI Residents Petition for a Spring Break-Up

South Padre Island – Spring Break, the annual week-long booze induced excursion from the rigid confines of academia, may be coming to an end if (some) concerned citizens of South Padre Island convince the city council that breaking from Spring Break would be best for the city’s reputation. Continue reading “SPI Residents Petition for a Spring Break-Up”

LETTERS: Texas Bathroom Bill SB6

Senate Bill 6 has been forwarded to Texas Senate to be decided on.  The “bathroom bill” as it’s colloquially referred, would limit individuals to use the bathroom of his/her biological origin.  Naturally, this was seen as an anti-LGBT position, and a counter-protest has emerged.  I have written about my personal position regarding gender neutral public bathrooms, specifically regarding the law passed in North Carolina.  Evidence was provided that illustrated that abuses and compromising situations were occurring in result of troubled individuals abusing gender neutral public restrooms.   Continue reading “LETTERS: Texas Bathroom Bill SB6”

UTRGV Medical School Funds Slashed – The Monitor Blames the Voters


Edinburg – The UTRGV School of Medicine may see it’s funds slashed, if the State Senate votes on reducing “special item”appropriations.  The University has suggested a $60 to 70 Million dollar operating budget, however the State may only be able to provide a bit short of $25 million over two-years.

Local representatives, including a delegation from UTRGV are in Austin to contest the budget slash and appeal for additional funding.  Meanwhile, now faced with reduced funding for the Medical School, the McAllen Monitor has sought to play the blame game, and took particular aim and local voters. Continue reading “UTRGV Medical School Funds Slashed – The Monitor Blames the Voters”

LUPE Offers No Solutions on Illegal Immigration

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, LUPE, a local community organization that advocates for illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley, has been busy.  In fact, to say LUPE has just been “busy” would be a vast understatement.  With a Republican controlled congress, Trumps campaign promises of a “Great Border Wall”, and illegal immigration crackdown transcends primary populist rhetoric to the new realities of the Trump America. Meanwhile, LUPE views Trumps immigration stance as oppressive and inherently racist, singling out particularly the Hispanic community.

As Trumps policies began to be enacted through Executive Orders, LUPE responded by forming a resistance movement. With this, they developed a website filled with information on combating any and all forms of enforcement of our illegal immigration laws.  Despite Donald Trump losing by 3 million in the popular vote, primarily from the state of California, Mr. Trump won the plurality of states and counties throughout the United States, including regions that have traditionally gone Democratic. With immigration being one of Mr. Trump’s biggest campaign selling point, there’s little doubt that the majority of Americans finally want to see a solution to the immigration issue.  All while President Trump begins to offer some solutions, LUPE has remained quiet on what actually should be done about illegal immigration. Continue reading “LUPE Offers No Solutions on Illegal Immigration”

Trump’s Budget Cuts May Force Hidalgo County Agencies to Trim the Fat.

This week, U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar (D) revealed that President Donald Trumps proposed budget cuts would greatly affect government assistance in the Rio Grande Valley, specifically within Hidalgo County.  The McAllen Monitor, which picked up on the budget cuts, provided a list of agencies affected, placing emphasis on Community Development Block Grants, and funds made available to Hidalgo County Community Service Agency to provide job assistance and other forms of aid to the community.  With these cuts came the enduring narrative that Trump is an out of touch oppressor of the poor and vulnerable.

Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia, in a quote provided to the The Monitor said of the budget cuts:

“It will hurt the poorest of the poor.”

Garcia continued by demonstrating his concern for the poor and elderly, who he believed these cuts are specifically targeting.  However, Garcia showed little concern for the 2016 disastrous Health Care Tax Proposal, which if passed, would have greatly affected the county’s most vulnerable from paying more on their property tax, and potentially losing their homes.

It’s ironic that Hidalgo County, which has historically demonstrated to operate on a policy of crony dealing and wasteful and in effective spending, suddenly is the moral authority on government spending. Trump’s proposed cuts allows us to reevaluate the operations of the agencies that receive them, and hold these agencies accountable for how these funds are being used. Continue reading “Trump’s Budget Cuts May Force Hidalgo County Agencies to Trim the Fat.”