Health Care District back on Hidalgo County Agenda

Prior attempts at establishing a healthcare taxing district have failed twice with Hidalgo County voters.

EDINBURG – A highly controversial subject is expected to be discussed once more if agenda items hold true at Tuesdays Commissioners Court meeting.  Item 8-A on the Hidalgo County agenda calls for a discussion over a “Health Care Funding District.” Previous attempts at creating at Healthcare (Hospital) District have failed twice with Hidalgo County voters, with the most recent 2016 Proposition 1 being rejected by 72% of voters. Continue reading “Health Care District back on Hidalgo County Agenda”

Project Gotham Shield: Simulated nuke blast in NY/NJ to train government agencies this week

New York/New Jersey – A simulated exercise to train governmental agencies in the event of a nuclear disaster may occur tonight if discovered online documents confirms it’s existence.  The simulation called “Project Gotham Shield”  brings together several alphabet agencies, including the FBI, FEMA, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, among others. The exercise allegedly began last week on April 18th and continues on through May 5th 2017, and covers three unique phases of the operation.

Continue reading “Project Gotham Shield: Simulated nuke blast in NY/NJ to train government agencies this week”

SPI Residents Petition for a Spring Break-Up

South Padre Island – Spring Break, the annual week-long booze induced excursion from the rigid confines of academia, may be coming to an end if (some) concerned citizens of South Padre Island convince the city council that breaking from Spring Break would be best for the city’s reputation. Continue reading “SPI Residents Petition for a Spring Break-Up”

LETTERS: Texas Bathroom Bill SB6

Senate Bill 6 has been forwarded to Texas Senate to be decided on.  The “bathroom bill” as it’s colloquially referred, would limit individuals to use the bathroom of his/her biological origin.  Naturally, this was seen as an anti-LGBT position, and a counter-protest has emerged.  I have written about my personal position regarding gender neutral public bathrooms, specifically regarding the law passed in North Carolina.  Evidence was provided that illustrated that abuses and compromising situations were occurring in result of troubled individuals abusing gender neutral public restrooms.   Continue reading “LETTERS: Texas Bathroom Bill SB6”

Bomb Threat Forces Hidalgo Co Courthouse Evacuation

Suspicious individuals seen documenting response.

Edinburg – Staff and visitors of Hidalgo Co Courthouse were evacuated today, after a call was placed informing officials that 4 explosive packages were being sent to the Elections Department.  Authorities from multiple agencies, including agents in full tactical gear, converged on the scene to secure the area and assist with evacuation.   Continue reading “Bomb Threat Forces Hidalgo Co Courthouse Evacuation”

LUPE Offers No Solutions on Illegal Immigration

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, LUPE, a local community organization that advocates for illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley, has been busy.  In fact, to say LUPE has just been “busy” would be a vast understatement.  With a Republican controlled congress, Trumps campaign promises of a “Great Border Wall”, and illegal immigration crackdown transcends primary populist rhetoric to the new realities of the Trump America. Meanwhile, LUPE views Trumps immigration stance as oppressive and inherently racist, singling out particularly the Hispanic community.

As Trumps policies began to be enacted through Executive Orders, LUPE responded by forming a resistance movement. With this, they developed a website filled with information on combating any and all forms of enforcement of our illegal immigration laws.  Despite Donald Trump losing by 3 million in the popular vote, primarily from the state of California, Mr. Trump won the plurality of states and counties throughout the United States, including regions that have traditionally gone Democratic. With immigration being one of Mr. Trump’s biggest campaign selling point, there’s little doubt that the majority of Americans finally want to see a solution to the immigration issue.  All while President Trump begins to offer some solutions, LUPE has remained quiet on what actually should be done about illegal immigration. Continue reading “LUPE Offers No Solutions on Illegal Immigration”

McAllen Mayor Grandstands Trump, but re-election uncertain

Shortly after the Inauguration of President Donald Trump, McAllen Mayor Jim Darling, with the approval of his Commissioners, formally invited the new President to visit the City of McAllen.  The purpose for President Trumps visit would be for Mr. Trump to personally see the impact his policies would have on the border region, specifically when it comes to Trumps strong illegal immigration and trade positions.

Despite appeals from Mayor Darling, aswell as local congressmen, it’s very unlikely Mr. Trump will accept the invitation to visit the Rio Grande Valley, especially within the first 100 days of his administration.  Meanwhile, Jim Darling shouldn’t keep the light on for Mr. Trump.  What is also uncertain would undoubtedly be Jim Darlings re-election hopes.  Since 2013, Jim Darling has served as Mayor of McAllen.  And in these few years, the City of McAllen has been faced questions regarding its transparency of city operations, and concerns on whether he, along with City Commissioners have been fiscally responsible with city funds.  Despite these troubles, Darling has remained confident in his re-election bid.  However, to those that seek to unseat him as mayor, there is no doubt that Darlings performance has made him vulnerable. Continue reading “McAllen Mayor Grandstands Trump, but re-election uncertain”

Hidalgo Co Democratic Party Appoints Convicted Felon

Charges include: Assault and Aggravated Kidnapping!

On September 14, the Hidalgo County Democratic Party appointed local activist, Miguel Angel Garza to a chair position.

On the surface, it would appear that Mr. Garza is your average Democratic operative.  Using his influence, skills, and networking capabilities, Miguel Angel Garza seeks to ensure local Democrats maintain or obtain elected office.

What the public is unaware of is that Mr. Garza has a very troubled past, carrying with him a list of criminal offenses that would even impress Hillary Rodham Clinton.   Continue reading “Hidalgo Co Democratic Party Appoints Convicted Felon”