Desperation! Facebook Page in Support of Health-Tax Takes Aim at Local Veteran.

False allegations prove Pro-Taxers are losing information war.

 Today, a Facebook Page that supports Proposition 1, titled “Stand With Hidalgo County” took issue with local conservative activist, George Rice, and his continuing campaign to inform citizens of Hidalgo County about the disastrous Health Tax District that local medical elites stand to impose on tax payers.

Rather than refute any points made by Mr. Rice, an administrator of the Facebook page chose instead to attack Mr. Rice personally.

First, implying that Rice has the potential to physically assault those with different opinions. Secondly, that there is already a police record on file for harassment.  FALSE! Continue reading “Desperation! Facebook Page in Support of Health-Tax Takes Aim at Local Veteran.”

City of San Juan Cancels Combined Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day Event.

Mayor San Juanita Sanchez.
Mayor San Juanita Sanchez.

Due to mounting pressure from local veteran organizations, the City of San Juan, and specifically Mayor San Juanita Sanchez, have decided to forgo the combined Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day “Cultural Heritage Day.”   Mayor Sanchez appeared live on KURV70 “The Drive Home” and explained reasoning behind the merging of the two events, yet maintained it was done in good faith and meant no disrespect to veterans and America’s servicemen and women who died serving.

Sanchez did reveal that a solemn Memorial Day observation will still occur in the morning hours, and a Cultural Event will still occur in the evening.