Commentary: The Cost of Criminal Illegal Immigrants in the US and Texas

by Debi Deason, Guest Contributor

According to an article in  “The Hill newspaper in April 2017 written by Ron Martinelli, in 2014 50% of all federal crimes committed in the United States were committed near the US/Mexico border.

In total, 27,436 of the 61,529 total federal crimes were committed in states that border Mexico.  The Western District of Texas had the most with 6,300 followed by the southern district of Texas at over 6,000. California Arizona and New Mexico or third fourth and fifth respectively.”

Nineteen percent of the arrests were for violent crimes 22% were for drug offenses.  Fully 75% of all federal drug inmates currently incarcerated are illegal immigrants.

Seventeen percent of all drug trafficking inmates are illegal immigrants, which amounts to fully one-third of all federal prisoners. This is in a population that makes up only 3.5% of the total US population.

Between 2005 and 2009 criminal illegal aliens committed 25,064 murders or between 22 and 37% of all murders committed in the United States

According to the Department of Homeland Security and Texas Dept. of Public Safety between June of 2011 and March of 2017  217,000 immigrants both legal and illegal we’re booked into Texas jails.  Of those, 66% were illegal.

They committed nearly 600,000 crimes among them in the state of Texas alone. These crimes included 1,200 homicides 69,000 assaults 16,854 burglaries 700 kidnappings 6,200 sexual assaults 69,000 drug offenses 8,700 weapons violations and 3,800 robberies.

According to Federal office of budget it cost roughly 19 million dollars per day to incarcerate criminal illegal immigrants. The state of Texas spends over 1.1 billion dollars per year prosecuting and housing them.

Sadly, this is only about 8.7% of the overall cost per year to Texas taxpayers for illegal immigrants, which is at about 12.1 billion dollars annually, according to the most recent statistics available (January 2014 report by Jack Martin, Director of Special Projects at FAIR Texas.  This amounts to $1,197 per household in Texas headed by natural-born or naturalized citizens.

In the face of these statistics it is difficult to understand how leaders in this country at the federal state and local levels are not insisting that our borders be secure.  As I write this,  jurors are beginning deliberations for a murder case in California that garnered National headlines during the 2016 presidential race and resulted in a failed effort (killed along partisan lines for the most part) to mandate stiffer penalties for people who repeatedly come into the US illegally.

Kate Steinle was shot and killed by man who had been deported multiple times and had just been released from jail in San Francisco despite having an ICE detainer because San Francisco is a sanctuary city in what has now become the sanctuary state of California.

Kate Steinle and her killer

A  federal judge in San Francisco just blocked enforcement of the federal government withholding certain grants and funds for law enforcement from sanctuary cities.

My question is how anyone in a position of leadership in the government, that same government whose number one task is to protect its citizens, can in good conscience protect criminal illegal immigrants?

Even here in Texas, where is the bulk of the burden of incarcerating illegal immigrants is felt, we have cities whose leaders have declared them sanctuary cities.  They don’t seem to understand or care that they are putting their citizens in danger by implementing these extra legal  policies.

It is past time for voters in these cities to send a clear message to those “leaders” that the safety and welfare of the citizens and legal residents is their first priority, and protecting criminal illegal immigrants should be their very last priority.



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