Commentary: The verdict is in on the Kate Steinle murder


by Debi Deason

The verdict is in regarding the Kate Steinle murder.

An illegal alien with seven criminal convictions, who had been deported five times previously and was still on probation in Texas for a drug conviction picked up a gun he “found” and fired it onto a crowded pier in San Francisco, ultimately striking Kate.

Kate was “in the wrong place at the wrong time” and was struck in the back by a bullet that may or may not have ricocheted off a concrete piling before striking her.

This man, who has made a life of criminal acts including re-entering the United States multiple times after being deported, was released from jail in San Francisco just prior to the shooting, despite having an active ICE detainer (which San Francisco was aware of). While Kate was deprived of her life without any kind of “due process” this multiple felon was given the best that the U.S. justice system could supply.

His Public Defender is a renowned defense attorney with a multiple decade track record of taking cases that are very much in the liberal progressive line so I guess he was the perfect pick to defend an illegal alien for murder in a sanctuary city.

The jury was allowed to hear all the “reasonable doubt” producing evidence and testimony, but the murderer’s history of criminal convictions and multiple deportations was withheld from them.

So there you have it, folks. If you are an illegal alien and want to be able to get away with murder, make sure you go somewhere like San Francisco. You will have the best defense (taxpayer) money can buy, be assured of a judge who is sympathetic to your “immigration status” and, at the end, be able to walk free to cause more mayhem.

Oh, and by the way, the killer made it clear early on that he got out of Texas and went to San Francisco because he knew that San Francisco was a sanctuary city so he had no fears of being deported again.

Yay for Texas, I guess.



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