Edinburg Mayor and ECISD Board member clash over park project

Edinburg – Followers of both Edinburg Mayor Richard Garcia and ECISD School Board member Miguel “Mike” Farias were treated to a tense but “respectful” exchange over the fate of an uncompleted park project.  Despite the respectful pleasantries peppered in their respective post, both sides accused the other of political posturing.

The exchange was initiated by a late night post on Mike Farias facebook page.  In his post, Farias accuses the Edinburg City Council, particularly Mayor Garcia, JR Bentecourt and Homer Jasso of stalling the project by withholding construction funding.

The park project located on Edinburg’s East-side would be known as Memorial-Eisenhower Sports Complex, and is arranged as joint venture between The City of Edinburg and the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District.  The cost of the project is estimated at little over 3 million dollars.

Attached below is Farias post regarding the status of the park project.

It didn’t take long for Mr. Faria’s concerns to reach the Garcia camp, and in self admitted rare-form, Mr. Garcia responded to a post in effort to clear his name, in addition, the Edinburg Mayor accuses Farias of politicizing the stalled project, and being misinformed on the responsibilities of both partners as specified in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

In addition, the Edinburg Mayor also calls into question Faria’s ulterior motivation for the project concern, disclosing that one of the Edinburg councilmen owns property near the park project, and would stand to benefit from the area improvement.

Shortly after Garcia’s response to Faria’s, the Edinburg Mayor provided a excerpt of the MOU, which states that the ECISD is the lead agency.   This would compel the ECISD to move on the project independently, with City of Edinburg reimbursing their share of the project cost.

Despite the items laid out in the MOU, Mr. Faria’s remains steadfast in his position that the fate of the Memorial-Eisenhower Park is a casualty of political power struggle between members of the Edinburg City Council.  The termination of the park project is up for discussion at tonights city council meeting.   Mr. Faria’s responded to the mayor’s accusations, and reminded of the cities commitments.

Valley Delta will be looking into whether the surrounding properties of the Memoria-Eisenhower Park are owned by city councilmen, or any political official.

Mr. Faria’s has vowed to address the park project at tonight’s city council meeting.

Meanwhile, Mayor Garcia is currently up for re-election later this year.



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