Hidalgo County: No action on Health Care Funding District for second straight week

Edinburg – For the second straight week, the Hidalgo County Commissioners Court have taken no action on the “Health Care Funding District.” Possible discussion of the health care funding district have been scheduled for the past two weeks, appearing as listed items on the Hidalgo County agenda.

Discussion of the health care funding district was first tabled on November 14th Commissioner Court meeting.

A few days later, the item appeared once more, scheduled for the November 21st meeting.

However, when it came time for the health care funding district to be discussed, the commissioners ultimately took no action.

Archived recording of the meeting with video can be found in the link.


The return of any health care funding proposal has drawn the ire of concerns citizens who feel that elected officials are dismissing the will of the voters, and instead are choosing to proceed with health care funding options at the behest of special interest.

Border Health Pac, a political action committee that seeks to advance the interest of Doctors Hospital at Renaissance have been instrumental supporters of health care taxing district propositions in Hidalgo County.

Border Health Pac have contributed thousands to local political campaigns, including up to $25,000 to County Judge Ramon Garcia, and addition to several county commissioners.

Pharr Mayor Ambrosio Hernandez, who has been one of the key proponents of a health care taxing district, currently sits on the Border Health Pac board.

Hernandez was Garcia’s choice to succeed him for County Judge.

Voters soundly rejected the last attempt at a health care taxing district in the November 2016 elections by a decisive 72% margin.



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