Joseph Palacio’s wife transferred to Hidalgo Co Public Relations Dept

The transfer has been criticized as a conflict of interest risk.

Edinburg – The Hidalgo County Commissioners Court on Tuesday approved of a lateral transfer of the wife of County Commissioner, Joseph Palacio’s from Health and Human Services Department to the Public Relations Department.   Palacios’s abstained from the vote.

Misti Palacios will retain the same job title, and pay of Executive Assistant IV once the move becomes effective on January 1, 2018.

The transfer has been criticized since Mitsi Palacios would be involved in a department responsible for gathering, facilitating, and ultimately providing public information responses on behalf of Hidalgo County, including responding on actions of Hidalgo County officials, for which her husband is apart of.

Listed are some of the roles and responsibilities of the Public Relations Department as provided by their official department webpage.

The Public Affairs Division oversees the following functions:

  • communications;
  • public information;
  • press relations;
  • multimedia;
  • website and social media initiatives;
  • and internal relations and organizational effectiveness.

In addition to gate-keeping information favorable to Mr. Palacios, a conflict could arise in using Public Information resources to gathering information unfavorable to Mr. Palacio’s political opponents.

Mr. Palacio’s is facing Ellie Torres; wife of Edinburg Councilmen, David Torres, in what is expected to be a highly contested race for Hidalgo County Commissioner Precinct 4.

This race is expected to be of major concern to Commissioner Palacio’s as Ellie Torres is supported from the same political machine that brought victories to ECISD board member, Miguel Mike Farias, and the newly elected Edinburg Mayor, Richard Molina.

The Palacio’s political family of Edinburg, including their allies, has seen their power and influence diminish significantly due to a string of political upsets.  And much of these upsets were at the hands of former Palacio’s subordinates, who realized that by bounding together, they too could be politically formidable.

Palacio’s will square off with Torres during the Democratic Primary in March 2018.



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