Local film challenging man-made climate change causes local snowflakes to melt

McAllen – A locally produced film challenging man-made climate change is scheduled to be screened today at McAllen’s Cinemark Hollywood USA theater. The film titled “The Hoax: A Documentary on the Man-Made Myth on Global Warming” was developed by Dr. Lawrence Gelman, a local anesthesiologist and former administrator of Doctors Hospital at Renaissance.  Though the plot of the film is quite clear, the points addressed are expected to be based on Gelman’s conclusions on man-made C02 emissions, and the effects or lack thereof it has on climate change.

The following points are taken from Gelman’s blog, addressing skepticism towards global warming.

Dr. Gelman’s read on Global Warming:

  1. This is a hoax.
  2. If green house gas molecules increase temperatures then why is the moon without green house gas molecules so hot?
  3. The technology doesn’t exist to accurately measure an average global temperature.
  4. In the United States the record hottest temperature recorded in 38 states is prior to 1954. Some before 1900.
  5. If green house gas molecules cause climate change why does Venus with 9000 times more green house gas molecules in its atmosphere than does Earth, have less climate change?

Local “man-made” climate change believers have not let Dr. Gelman’s film go unchallenged, having arranged an “Occupy The Hoax” Facebook page to encourage other climate change believers to confront patron’s attending to see the film.

A leftist troll likened area Republicans to criminals for promoting the film on their Facebook page.

Even the The Monitor’s staff writer, Daniel A. Flores was sure to point out that Gelman’s film challenges the assertions by 97% of climate scientist. The 97% claim is commonly used as a “check mate” by climate change believers to quickly end climate change debates, however, the 97% claim is still being challenged to this date.

In the same article, Jackelin Treviño  representative from Lower Rio Grande Sierra Club, an organization that advocates for open borders and the continuance of illegal immigration, cited her opinion as fact in response to Gelman’s film.

“The debate on climate change has been settled by science”

Ms. Trevino suggest that the climate change debate is a closed discussion based on her understanding of what science is. However let’s take a look at the definition of science.

the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

As we can see, science is an on-going study, and isn’t an open and shut case despite Ms. Trevino’s interpretation of the word.  Recall that years back that “science” told us that Pluto was the ninth major planet, however based on continuing observation and measurements, it was demoted into a minor dwarf planet.

Going further, Ms. Trevino encourages those curious about the climate change debate, not to engage in their own independent research, but to rely on them for climate change absolutes.

If someone in the community wants to learn more about what that science is, or wants to get involved in the fight … to try to prevent catastrophic climate change, they should absolutely reach out to the local RGV Sierra Club. – Jackelin Treviño via The Monitor

Experts in “Science”

Above was an exchange from the experts of “science” from RGV Sierra Club Facebook page discussing their opposition to Gelman’s film.

Mr. Gelman might be a familiar name to those in conservative circles.  Mr. Gelman was a co-host of “Talk Back”, which was aired on KURV 710 radio, and has been active in the local Tea Party.

Dr. Lawrence Gelman

Hoax screens tonight, May 18th, at 7 PM, and despite what RGV Sierra Club would like to believe, the debate on man-made climate change is likely to continue.



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