May Day: Local organizations plan “Day without an Immigrant” protest

In addition to illegal immigrants, members of all alleged suppressed minority groups are encouraged to skip work tomorrow to protest immigration and labor laws.

Local – Local pro-illegal immigration advocacy groups, particularly La Union de Pueblo Entero (LUPE), are calling on the local community to join with them in skipping work to protest with a “Day Without an Immigrant.”  May Day, as the protest is commonly referred to has its origins as far back as late 1800’s, in which workers protested and striked for proper wages, labor hours, and working conditions.

In 2006, the May Day protested shifted to focus primarily on illegal immigration issues, particularly for total amnesty for the nations 11 million illegal immigrants.  Open border supporters believe protest is needed more so now that immigration authorities are now been empowered to enforce United States immigration laws and especially since the State of Texas has cleared a path for SB 4, which would outlaw sanctuary cities. 

Below is the official call-to-action from RGV Resist Event page.

The Rio Grande Valley-Equal Voice Network is participating in the national strike Un dia Sin Inmigrantes on May 1st, 2017, where more than 100,000 workers have committed to strike. We want to demonstrate that our country depends on the labor of immigrants and low wage workers.

We are asking the community to take a stand against the racist attacks by the adminstration and support our immigrant communities by:

Not going to Work
Not going to Class
Not going Shopping
Not eating in Corporate Restaurants

We are also asking businesses in the Rio Grande Valley to unite and join the cause by signing this petition as a commitment to doing one or more of the following:

1.) Closing your business on May 1st
2.) Closing half a day
3.) Allow workers to participate in the strike without any consequences
4.) Place the flyer in your business to promote the event
5.) Attend one of the events on May 1st.

According to the Migrant Policy Institute, approximately 9% of the estimated 1.5 million illegal immigrants in Texas reside in the Rio Grande Valley.  This leaves the illegal immigrant population at around 10% of total population of the Rio Grand Valley based on 2014 census data.

Much to the ire of pro open border groups, illegal immigration has seen a sudden and sharp decline, particularly to a 17 year low according to the LA Times.  President Trump’s hard line immigration approach, in addition to the cost and incidental dangers of making the trip are credited for the sudden decline.

With President Trumps hard line stance on illegal immigration, and his “surprise” victory back in November, coupled with U.S. immigration laws being enforced, and the ease of approval of SB 4, local open borders groups are seeing their influence diminish in a time when the nation, including blue-collar Obama voters, are demanding a solution to the open border issue.

It is unknown what affect Mondays “Day without an Immigrant” protest will have on The Rio Grande Valley Region, and throughout the country, when it comes to the continuance of border and immigration enforcement.

A similar protest occurred back in February which resulted in termination of participating employees by some private sector employers.  The economy added jobs in February 2017, and for the most part the nation moved on without skipping a beat, primarily on the backs of U.S. citizens, and once again, U.S. citizens will carry the nation forward past May 1st.

Imagine the red shaded areas not showing to work.



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