McAllen Engineering firm raided by FBI is leading contender for proposed Courthouse project.

McAllen – The local offices of Dannenbaum Engineering Corporation was raided by the FBI today, however the FBI is remaining silent as to what they’re looking for.  The office, located on 1109 Nolana Loop was one of several offices raided by the FBI throughout the state.  When pressed by CBS 4 News, FBI Spokesperson, Michelle Lee released this statement:

Per your request, I can confirm the FBI is lawfully present at the location you referenced (Nolana Loop in McAllen) conducting a law enforcement activity. While we can’t discuss the nature of the work we are doing, there is no public safety threat.

No arrests have been made. I can’t comment any further since it remains an ongoing matter.

Dannenbaum Engineering has been the go-to firm for many Hidalgo County projects, including construction on County annex buildings in precinct 4, which County Commissioner Joseph Palacios oversees.  Below is the cover letter listing a series of invoices for various projects in 2014.

A listing of invoices can be viewed at this link.

Hidalgo County Commissioners also kept Dannenbaum Engineering busy by securing them to draw up a plan to develop a structure in Granjeno, that would double as a both a levee to prevent flooding, but also a fence or wall that would satisfy Homeland Security concerns.

Just recently, County Commissioners chose Dannenbaum as the preferred firm, out of five others, to oversee the construction of the proposed County Courthouse.

It remains uncertain as to what the FBI is looking into has anything to do with previous dealings with governments across the state, nor is it known whether FBI inquiries with Dannenbaum will affect it’s on-going relationship with Hidalgo County and future projects.  We’ll update as more information comes in.

Update: 04/27/2017  Hidalgo County Officials have received political contributions from Dannenbaum Engineering.  Read about it here.



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