McAllen Mayor Jim Darling did support Hospital District. *Video*

McAllen – Jim Darling told The Monitor’s, Mitchell Furman that he never supported the creation of a Healthcare(Hospital) District. This in effort to distance himself from what is generally perceived to be a toxic position due to the overwhelming defeat of the health care proposition last November.

Furman did not fact check Mayor Darlings statements, and a simple Google check would confirm that Mayor Darling did indeed support the creation of a Health Care District, going as far as testifying in it’s favor during a Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations.

Mayor Darling was also in favor of the Proposition back in 2014, when the measure was defeated the first time. Darling was one of many “high profile” guest during what Chuy Hinojosa described as a [Valley Morning Star] “Full Scale Campaign”

“It’s going to be a full-scale campaign,” said state Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, D-McAllen, addressing a roomful of eastern Hidalgo County leaders gathered at Knapp Medical Center on Wednesday.

That campaign will focus on passing a referendum to create a hospital district in Hidalgo County — the largest county in the state without such a district.

The Valley Morning Star went on to list additional supporters that would be utilized to push the Health Care District.

A number of high-profile supporters are expected to make appearances on behalf of the referendum in the roughly 10 weeks until Election Day. The stable of speakers will likely include Hinojosa, Garcia, McAllen Mayor Jim Darling — Doctors Hospital’s general counsel — and Edinburg Mayor Richard Garcia, the state senator said. Direct mailers, push cards, radio and television advertising will buttress the speaking engagements.

As seen above, it’s very clear that Jim Darling had supported both iterations of the Health Care District, whether halfheartedly or not is not the issue.

Valley Delta looks forward to The Monitor and/or Jim Darling to set the record straight on this issue.




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