Media tries to deflect Al Franken sexual harassment by blaming Trump

Rio Grande Valley – Liberals received their marching orders and the orders are to deflect to Trump in handling Senator Al Franken’s sexual harassment scandal.  Franken has been accused of sexual misconduct when a long held photograph of him reaching out to seemingly grasp the breast of sleeping journalist Leeann Tweeden.

The photo was taken while both Franken and Tweeden were attending a 2006 USO Tour.

Liberals, rather than address the situation at hand, opted to compare the sexual advance to that of Judge Roy Moore and his sexual misconduct allegations. Moore is currently seeking a highly coveted U.S. Senate seat in Alabama.

President Donald Trump’s tweet regarding Franken’s conduct sent the liberal press into over-drive, with the press criticizing Trump’s response to Franken in comparison to his handling of Moore’s allegations.

Even the social media handler of CBS 4 News Facebook page couldn’t help but make the same comparisons in their post description.

Liberals fail to see the difference between Roy Moore’s allegations and Franken’s very apparent sexual misconduct. For Franken, a picture is worth the thousand words that his actions are communicating. Tweeden event described additional unwanted advances committed by Franken, including groping and kissing.

Contrast with Roy Moore, who at this time faces several sexual misconduct allegations.  The allegations came at a time where a highly contested battle is taking place for Alabama’s special election for U.S. Senate.  The seat was vacated when U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.  Moore has faced resistance not only from the Democratic Party, but also from the Republican establishment who championed Luthor Strange for the seat. President Trump endorsed the Republican establishment pick, whereas Moore was supported by Steve Bannon and other pro-nationalist supporters.

After vanquishing Luthor Strange in the Republican special election, Moore faced a litany of accusations from woman who he may have been acquainted with throughout his years in the law profession.

One of the accusers, Beverly Young Nelson, who’s represented by famed attorney Gloria Allred, provided a year book and claimed Moore’s signature as his.

The ink color appears to change leading into the signature.

The yearbook was immediately scrutinized for irregularities, and Nelson’s credibility was called into question by Moore’s attorney, Phillip L. Jauregui, who requested that the original copy be examined by independent forensic analyst.  A request that Allred hasn’t been able to comply with, unless under circumstances that would be detrimental to Moore’s chances at winning the election.

Donald Trump himself, was met with a series of accusations of sexual harassment shortly before the general election.  Once again calling into question the convenient timing and political motives of the accusers.  Many of these women were trotted out by Gloria Allred. The pursuing of these charges have been placed on ice shortly after Trump was elected.

Liberals once again demonstrate that they don’t want to own up when one of their own are caught in acts of criminality and deviancy. Often, the news is suppressed, or out-right ignored.  In the case of Franken, who was caught red-handed, the story was too big to ignore. But rather than address the issue independently, they run their old play book. Blame Trump!



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