“Tolerant” Leftist Leave Vulgar Anti-Trump Message at UTRGV.

Edinburg – Today, a representative of UTRGV’s Young Republican posted on the groups Facebook page an image taken that displayed a vulgar anti- Trump message on one of the brick columns along the covered walkway.

The Young Republicans condemned the message, and called upon the two Democratic Organizations of UTRGV, The Young Democrats, and Progressive Young Democrat respectively, to join in on the condemnation.  The two Democratic organizations have yet to release a statement.

Uncensored image via Hidalgo County Young Republican Facbook
Uncensored image via Hidalgo County Young Republican Facbook

It’s interesting to compare that when Trump supporters have displayed pro-Trump chalk scribblings throughout multiple Universities, the response from emotionally scared leftist have even called into question on whether such speech should be allowed.

There’s no doubt that had pro-Trump messages been scribbled throughout the campus of UTRGV, the left would undoubtedly have called for a public admonishment of the Republican organizations, as well as demanding Administration to recognize the display as hate speech.

Let’s be clear.  As Hillary Clinton’s campaign continues to stagnate, the leftist frustration will continue to grow, and further desperate displays may occur.  They know full well that there is very little enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton.  Clinton, has struggled to make connections to the youth voting block, particularly the millennial group that undoubtedly rallied behind Bernie Sanders during the primaries.

Clinton is seeing her support among minority groups, particularly African Americans, continue to erode.

Clinton must maintain a significant portion of the African American electorate that supported Obama if she hopes to win the White House.

Perhaps they are frustrated that the debates didn’t help Hillary.  Trump actually improved among many demographics in The LA Times USC Daybreak Poll.


Despite Donald Trump’s unorthodox tone, and numerous controversies throughout his campaign, there can be no denying his methods have made a connection with millions of people, including those that live here in the Rio Grande Valley.  Take a look every time either Valley Central or The Monitor lays down a baiting negative Trump article and notice the amount of deplorables that respond in support of Trump.

That’s enthusiasm and support Hillary can’t seem to buy.  And while the few “excited” Hillary supporters in the RGV gather to play board games and try to conjure up higher energy behind their candidate, organizations such as the Young Republicans have been hitting the streets, talking with voters, and informing them that they do have choices, other than the typical do-nothing, tax increasing, status quo candidates that have plagued our region for decades.




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